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Feb 16, 2009

Welcome Bella

I would like to introduce Bella to everyone, she is our 4 month French Bulldog puppy. So how did we come to settling on a Frenchie (BTW, I hate that name)? When Julie and I first started talking about dogs, her first pick was a Pug. I was instantly against that idea. Pugs breath funny, sound funny, eyes popping out of their head, etc. My first pick was a English Bulldog, only because "Meaty" on Rob & Big looked so cool and fun to play with. Well then we went to the internet and started doing some research, where we found out about French Bulldogs. They are a mix of english bulldog, pug, and boston terrior. Pretty neat combo, doesn't breath very loud, doesn't drool, and when full grown not a large dog. We continued to read more and find out the dog is non-athletic, stubborn, and likes to lounge around the house. We immediately said, this dog is perfect for us!

Now the search began, and we quickly learned two things; 1. they are very expensive, and 2. they are very rare. Both things are related, French Bulldogs don't naturally mate or give birth. They have to be artificially inseminated, and then give birth via c-section. Typical litters are only 4 pups or less.

After a long search, and the day before leaving for home on our Maui vacation, we found a breeder in Salem, OR. She had one 4 month old puppy from a recent litter that was Brindle (black with fawn highlights). After exchanging some pics and talking on the phone, we decided to meet her and the rest was history.

She has been an absolutely joy, and a absolute headache. But that's puppies, and it only gets better with time. True to her colors, she is stubborn, just like her mom and dad.


Ann from Housebreaking said...

I also got a French Bulldog. And I admit you are right. This kind of dog is expensive and rare. But the joy he's giving me is priceless. My dog loves ball chasing. And we go for walks whenever the weather is good. French bulldogs are so special! :) BTW, your dog is so cute! :)

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