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Feb 28, 2009

Must Own One Day List

Every since I was 16 and really got into cars there have been a couple that have always grabbed my attention. These are the ones I've always admired for looks, technology, performance, etc. One day I hope to own an example of each one.

Honda S2000 - This isn't a ricer, by any stretch of the imagination. First brand new on the lot, this car was double the cost of a Civic which put it out of reach of most ricers. Second it was built as a purpose sports car, rear wheel drive, very high revving inline 4 cyclinder motor. One neat feature of the S2000 was the red push button engine start. The S2000 is a front engine car, but one unique thing was the motor was very far back compared to most cars, it was almost completely behind the front axle. This gave the car a much better front/rear weight basis. The advantage was the car was a monster on the track, amazing handling, especially for a convertible. The downside was it had some quirks, the biggest one being if you broke loose the rear end it was near impossible to recover. There have been countless S2000's totalled from inexperienced drivers loosing the rear end while driving on the street and track. Check YouTube for some interesting videos. The S2000 along with the NSX are the only two Honda production cars in history to be hand built, and in their own dedicated factory in Japan.

Acura NSX - This car came out in 1991 and was design by Honda to prove they could build a "supercar" class vehicle, but have the reliability Honda cars were known for. Think of it as a Ferrari that could easily go 100,000 plus miles and not skip a beat. The car is mid engine V6, rear wheel drive, 6-speed in later models, and with removable targa roof panels. The dash, seats, everything was very unique to the NSX and was way ahead of anything of it's time. The engine features exotic metals construction and fully forged internals. A replacement motor alone is approx $20k. While somewhat underpowered, the chassis handling and performance was nothing short of stellar. The entire body was made from alum panels compared to most cars made from heavier steal. The frame is also an alum alloy. The NSX and S2000 are the only two Honda production cars in history to be hand built, and in their own dedicated factory in Japan.

BMW M3 - The M stands for BMW Motorsports, and the 3 is for based on the 3-Series platform. BMW M cars represent the best BMW has to offer in performance on the street. These cars feature upgraded suspensions, brakes, seats, engines, body, transmissions, etc over their standard 3-series brothers. Start with the e30, then e36, e46, and the most recent e90. My all time crush was on a e36. However a very close second is the smaller, and first flavor, the e30. Then came along the e46 in 2001, and things kept getting better. This time period is my favorite in BMW body styles across all their lines. With the e90 now on the market, the e46 price has been falling dramtically. A good example can be found for $25-35k.


mike mishiev said...

You just listed my same exact list. LOL. Great Pics!

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