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Ok, so I have one small video game vice. It's a game called Half-Life Counter-Strike Source. I've been playing this game for years, through the many versions. I've owned a PS2, Xbox360, but none ever get played however I always seem to come back to CS.

Until now I've been used to enjoying my gaming through my Logitech Z-2300 THX computer speakers, complete with 8" subwoofer. Well now that I have a roommate (the lovely Julie), she doesn't really care for the noise the game makes. And I honestly can't blame her, it's constant gun shots and grenades exploding. The bass from the subwoofer alone can be heard outside the house.

So I went in search of a set of gaming headphones. I had a old set of Sennheiser gaming headphones from many years ago that I dug out of the garage. The problem with them is two fold, one they hurt after 30 minutes because they have a small cup that sits on the ear, instead of large cup that goes over the ear, and two they use the computer's sound card. The issue here is when I want to use headphones, I have to crawl under the desk, plug them in. Then when I want to use the speakers I have to crawl under the desk again and switch the cables.

Enter the Plantronics GameCom 777 headphones. I did some research online and these were well reviewed. Then one day while waiting for Julie to finish shopping at the Gap I wondered over to Best Buy. Low and behold they have a set on the wall which was too much to resist.

The good news is it was $99 well spent. These headphones sound awesome, bass is amazing, and the Dolby technology does give an impression of surround sound. Most importantly they are very comfortable for long periods of time, and they included a small USB sound card. This is very handy because when I want to use them I can plug them into the USB hub on my monitor.

No more crawling under the desk, and Julie is happy. Win, Win!

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Yes, I am happy.

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