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Jan 12, 2009

Las Vegas, Jan 2009

First trip of the new year, and it's been just over a year since my last stop in sin city. Last year I visited in between Christmas and New Years. However it's quite a different scene now with the economy in it's current shape. I feared this weekend would be too busy once I found out that it was the single largest convention weekend of the year in Vegas. Two of largest conventions; Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and the Adult Entertainment Expo (AVN) were both in town.

However as it turned out, attendance for both was at an all time low and it just didn't feel that busy in town.

Enough about the bad economy, did we have fun or what? The answer is YES! Friday night after arriving at the Hotel, The Hilton Grand Vacation Club on the strip, Julie and I decided we were hungry. For what you ask, well nothing other then Cheeseburger in Paradise! Yup, this is no knockoff, the former Alladin, now Planet Hollywood has a real authentic Cheeseburger in Paradise and it does not let down. The pineapple there was the best I've had outside Maui, obviously flown in from Maui. After a bite, we proceeded to Fat Tuesday's for a yard daiquiri of fruit punch and Bacardi 151. Then we spent the rest of the night walking around a couple casino's and I proceeded to lose $100 at the roulette table, unfortunately a trend that didn't get much better over the weekend.

Saturday we started the day with lunch at Maggiano's Little Italy at the Fashion Mall. Following lunch the girls headed back to the hotel for their day at the spa. Dan and I relaxed in the room for a bit then went for a walk down the strip to the Sahara. It was funny because before leaving I was talking crap about the Sahara saying it was old and run down. Well after spending 5 mins at the roulette table I was up $50 and promptly cashed out and left with the spoils. Turns out that old and run down casino was the only one that gave me love that weekend on the roulette table. Ceasar's and Planet Hollywood both took all I put on the table.

Saturday night really was the best part of the weekend. We all got dressed up in our nicest attire and headed to the Palazzo for our dinner reservation at Table 10. This recommendation came via Amber and Matt who both have been there on different occasions. It's a Emerils restaurant and certainly lived up to the namesake. I highly recommend the Maine Sea Scallops for starters, then for entree the Scallop Encrusted Halibut, Berkridge Farm Kurobuta Pork Loin, Lobster Pot Pie, and Pan Roasted Mahi Mahi were all very delicious. The service was spot on, and we even enjoyed a bottle of Winderlea Pinot Noir from Patricia Green Cellars in Oregon. Absolutely everything was perfect, not one let down. I highly recommend you dine here on your next visit to Vegas.

Gambling however was more lucky for the ladies, both my mom and Julie won money at the slots. My mom won $271 playing penny slots at Caesar's Palace, and Julie put $1 in a slot at the airport on the way home, one spin later and she had $15. We promptly cashed out and used that money to buy a extraordinarily over priced lunch at the airport.

All and all a great weekend. I like to visit Vegas at least once a year and this trip will satisfy the need for a while. Julie and I talked about going back for our birthdays this year. However she is going in May with her friends for a Dave Matthews Band concert so we are considering another birthday destination.

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